INTRODUCTIONS TO experimenting WITH ART/design AND TECHNOLOGY through MODERN Development and Fabrication tools.

This page is a collection of materials on how to prototype with interactive technology.  It should get you started quickly and provide substantial links to go further.

The page is initiated by Mads Høbye as a part of his teaching practice around and with Computer Science, The Flexlab and the Fablab at Roskilde University.

The Four components this site INTRODUCES

Physical computing

By using tools like Arduino, sensors and motors you can create physical interactive prototypes

Digital Fabrication

Laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines etc. radically changes the quality of our finished products. We are making quickstart videos for you to get going with your prototyping while you learn.

Interactive coding

Screen based programming can be about so much more than traditional desktop program. In these guides we show the foundation for making   games, interactive installations, projection mapping etc.

Design Theory

Sketching, experimenting and trying out things requires theory and methods. We are working on giving you a basic introduction and an overview of what to read. Right now we have compiled a list of theoretical papers that adresses a lot of the theory behind making, design and interactive installations.

places to start

Learn to program interactive games, installations etc. I have made a series of videos to introduce you to to P5JS. When you have mastered the basics look at the other pages which introduces you to more complex concepts around combining different kinds of syntax to create interaction.

Getting your software toolbag organized is an essential part of being creative with technology. I have made a collection of the tools that are avaliable for you to get started. 

Did you know that you can simulate an Arduino in a browser. Go play with the circuits and the code without having to use a soldering iron.

3D Modelling and printing is super complex. With this little guide we  give you the tools for a first success in making your object.

As a part fo at course at Fablab RUC I designed a simple webbrowser based controller for ESP32. Guides helps you through all the steps to be able to make wifi enable light control.

Of all the digital fabrication tools avaliable laser cutting is by far the most efficient and simplest thing to get started with. This guide introduces you to designing in inkscap and how to cut on the laser.