Neato Robot

p5 code that communicates with the neato robots

Neato Control

Program management and diagnostic Neato robot vacuums. Work on model: Neato XV series, Neato Signature, Neato Botvac.

Features are quite simple: to see the state of the sensors to change the schedule, set the time to get the image from the scanner. (The program's interface leaves much to be desired - but there is room for improvement)

Commands are matched with a case insensitive method. Partial word match is supported. You only need to type in enough letters of the command to make it unique. Commands have a flexible format. In the strictly non-sequenced format, the syntax consists of only 3 elements:

Lidar Part 3: Improvised 3D Scanning with Neato XV-11 Lidar

This project allows you to view and save 2D and 3D lidar scans using the low-cost XV-11 lidar from the Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.