Programming with p5js

P5JS is an online open-source library made for graphic, interactive programming. It is made as a "sketch", where your code translates into figures, drawings or interactions on the canvas. However it can be used for much more than just drawing.

Have a look below to learn how to use p5.js, and what it can be used for!

Getting started

p5.js is based on the visual coding software Processing, only it uses Javascript instead of Java. Learn more about the basics of using and coding in p5.js here:


Maybe you want to do more on p5.js than drawing. There are many possible ways to create interesting games and interactions. Have a look here to learn more:

Live coding

In case you need to collaborate with others with your codes, have a look at this page to find out how to code live with others.

want to learn more?

Here you will find a selection of examples for you to try out, along with .zip files and some useful links. Have a look:

Or - have a look here for some useful material on how to use p5.js, Processing, and graphic programming in general: