The Most Useless Machine

This guide takes you through assembling the useless machine. I suggest the following:

  • Use minimal amount of glue gun glue. Then you can quickly dissamble it again for modification.

  • Be aware that each piece is turned the right way. You can quickly end with an arm pointing in the wrong direction etc.

For at basic introduction to Arduino see here.


1. Glue the tip to the arm.

2. Attach the servo connector to the arm. It should be opposite of the tip of the arm. Also, the screws are too lon and needs to be cut with a wire cutter.

(from the other side)

3. Mount the servo holder on the top plate.

4. Glue the servo to the servo holder.

5. Attach the switch

6. Assemble three sides of the box. Notice that the sides has a flat section where the lid is supposed to be.

7. Attach the last side - the one with the holes in it. Notice how the two sides have the flat part in the same end of the box.

8. Glue on the top you assembled earlier.

9. Attach ther servo so the orange yellow should be on the signal line at pin 4.

10. The button should be connected to ground and signal in pin 5.

(Wiring diagram of the electronics)

11. Attach end of the box.

12. Put the lid on and add a piece of tape as a hinge.

13. Open the lid and attach a piece of tape as a hinge.

14. Make sure the wire for the button is not in the way of the servo. Glue it to the lid.

15. Glue the arduino to the side of box

16. Connect the Arduino to your computer.

16. Download the code from the folder above.

17. The best way is to right click on the useless_code(x) folder and press download.

17. Open the code by double clicking useless_code5.ino

18. Verify that you have two taps useless_code[?] and servoSmartLib.h

19. Verify that the Board is "Arduino Uno" and that the port your board is connected to is selected (On windows: The highest com number, On Mac; The last port in the list.

20. Upload the code by pressing the right arrow